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Amazon US $119 Prime Gift Card [NEW & Unlimited]

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New & Unique solution to make your Amazon buyer account safer and to grow your profit margin exponentially.

Get a Prime Gift Card -> Don’t use it to buy Prime -> Instead Convert it to Classic Amazon Gift Card directly in your account -> Redeem it anytime you like to add funds to your Amazon Balance -> That’s all!

Probably the safest solution to add funds to your Amazon Wallet(Balance) and to get a discount in the same time.

What is Amazon Prime Gift Card? You should read more about this here directly on

We all know what Amazon Prime membership is. Well with this Prime Gift Card you can redeem it and add a Prime subscription to any Amazon account BUT you will not use this gift card for that. Instead we will use it to generate classic Amazon Gift Cards and to add funds to you balance, which can be used then for shopping.

The trick with this method is that if your account is already an Amazon Prime, Amazon Student, or Prime Fresh member or you just don’t want to activate the Prime membership, you’ll be able to exchange this Prime gift for an Classic Gift Card.  Read about this directly on

How the entire process works:

  • Place the order on this page and select how many Prime Gifts you want to buy.
  • If this is your first order with us, you will need to fill a one time verification process (fast and easy)
  • Your order will then be marked as Processing and after that you will need to wait up to 24 hours for your order to be delivered.
  • Once your order is complete we will send you an email with an link where you will be able use your Prime Gift.
  • The process on the link is fast and easy. You just need to Follow the on-screen instructions and at the end you should have your $119 gift card generated.

So why is this method so safe?

Because you are not buying the gift card codes from another person. You will generate the codes yourself from your own amazon account(using the prime gift bought from us) and only you will have access to those gift card codes. This is the safest method by far. Period!

STOP buying gift card codes from untrusted sources that tell you to activate the gift cards immediately or they(gift cards) may not work soon. This will never happen with this method!

Do you really need Gift Cards?

If you are an experienced dropshipper you know that you can not compete on this market without discounted Gift Cards.

Why are Amazon Gift Cards not always safe?

You probably also know that when you hit a high number of orders a day with your Amazon buyer account, you may be in danger to get suspended or they will ask you to provide receipts for all the gift card codes you’ve used.  This will never happen with this method as the gift cards are manually generated by you directly and no one else has access to them.


Give your Dropshipping business a boost with these high discounted Amazon US Gift Cards.

Roll back pricing got even better! Yes, you heard right. Who says a dollar is a dollar? Make that dollar stretch further with discounted Amazon US gift cards.

Defeat your competition on eBay and other marketplaces with the lowest prices on the market or keep your actual prices and obtain a higher profit margin. In either cases you are winning and your Dropshipping business will grow faster and bigger.

This is probably the only real way to get rid of any possible scam with Gift Card codes that doesn’t work after you pay for them.

This is new and untouched method by the dropshipping community so go ahead and give it a try!

Once the payment is complete and order is processing we will send you the Prime Gift card(s) in 24 hours or you will get your money back!

These gift cards don’t have fees or expire, so stock up to save up to an extra 5-15%.



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Amazon US $119 Prime Gift Card [NEW & Unlimited]
Amazon US $119 Prime Gift Card [NEW & Unlimited]

$119.00 $108.95

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